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Weiss joinery design interior fittings in Zug. Sustainable local wood crafts and furniture made of Swiss wood from your carpenter.

A.+ S. Weiss Joinery

Woodcraft since 1948

Weiss joinery Zug: Sustainable and local wood craftsmanship. Our furniture carpentry workshop has been in existence since 1948 in the third generation.

We use mainly local Swiss wood for our unique products and work. We are therefore a member of the Swiss Wood label out of conviction.

Because we care for our environment and out of love for our descendants.


Weiss Chair Massivholz Anthrazit


Our high quality work is designed and built to last.

We are your competent partner for solid wood work. From the design to the finished product, we turn your wishes into reality. So that you can enjoy your handmade product for a long time.

When it comes to sourcing raw materials for wood and fittings, we rely on our long-standing and local suppliers. Because we can only meet our high quality standards with the best materials.

If Swiss wood is not available for some types of wood, we use sustainably managed wood from nearby countries.

We are happy to carpenter our individual woodwork, furniture or interior fittings for you. With a lot of heart and soul and a fine feeling for every piece of wood.

On the web shop Woodcircle.ch you will find our sustainable handmade wooden jewellery. Orders and questions about all other products on our contact form.

We are committed to all-round sustainable craftsmanship. In our carpentry workshop, everything revolves around wood and our customers’ enjoyment of our products. So that you can enjoy your furniture for a long time!

Our solid wood furniture is handmade according to the wishes of our customers. We use mainly local materials and focus on high quality and handwork.

We do not waste a single piece of wood in our carpentry workshop. Even the smallest pieces of wood are processed by us. Long before we think of throwing them away.



From listed renovations to high-tech lightweight carbon construction.

We have many years of experience, expertise and craftsmanship. That’s why we can cover a wide range of carpentry work.

For high-quality carpentry work in listed buildings, modern interior fittings or creative solutions made of wood. We are the right partner for you!

A.+ S. Weiss Schreinerei AG
Grienbachstr. 29
CH – 6300 Zug

Tel: +41 41 761 20 52


Opening hours

Monday – Thursday
7 – 12 am / 1 – 5 pm

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