A.+ S. Weiss Joinery

Woodcraft since 1948

Our products – as unique as the material wood!

We manufacture your desired product exactly as you wish. From a small bedside table to a modern interior, we rely on high-quality craftsmanship. So that you can enjoy it for years.

Sustainable local carpentry made from Swiss wood.

Weiss Couchtisch Pilatus Birnbaum 0602III

Solid wood tables are our daily bread. Whether in the restaurant sector or for private households.

We make your table by hand according to your wishes. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you. So that you can enjoy your personal, unique and sustainable furniture for a lifetime.

New in our range: table leaves with mountains made of Swiss solid wood. We also carve them as conference table, dining table, sideboard, bar or reception counter, mural, shelf, furniture front etc…

High-tech meets craftsmanship: you get a unique piece with perfect technology, with carbon and real wood veneer in a sandwich composite.

Each wood print is a unique original and a piece of natural art!

Innovative sporting goods in real wood. Made from solid wood in composite construction and with great attention to detail.



Cupboard and storage space according to your needs. We carpenter your furniture tailored to you.


Weiss Schaukelpferd Esche Nussbaum

Whether rocking horse or rocking chair. Not only straight, because according to old tradition we bend wood with steam.

Mountain Wall

Weiss Berg Bild Kirschbaum 0516

Mountain? Wall? Mountain wall!

Our solid wood mountain sculpture is not only suitable as a table, but also makes an excellent wall picture.



Whether kitchen or bathroom. If you want a special kitchen or if you want to remodel your bathroom. We support and advise you.



Sustainable from tree to furniture. We think globally and act locally. Swiss wood and old drawers or wine crates combined to create durable furniture.

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