Weiss joinery - woodcraft from your carpenter in Zug

Weiss joinery design interior in Zug. Sustainable local wood crafts and furniture. Made of solid wood from your carpenter.

A.+ S. Weiss Joinery

Woodcraft since 1948

Weiss joinery Zug: Sustainable and local wood craftsmanship. Our joinery has been in existence since 1948 and is the third generation of carpenters.

We use mainly local solid wood for our unique furnitures and work. Because we care for our environment and out of love for our descendants.


Weiss Carpentry

Sustainable local wood craftsmanship made from Swiss wood.

We are an innovative Swiss furniture manufacturer and produce sustainable furniture and design objects handmade from local materials.

We prefer to carpenter for you with local wood from Swiss forests.

Weiss Schneidebrett Nussbaum

No Woodwaste !

We don’t waste any piece of wood and use even the smallest pieces of wood.

We reuse small pieces of wood and thus create unique candlesticks from the last remaining piece of solid wood. We don’t know woodwaste… we use even the last piece of wood for our creative ideas.


From the listed renovation to high-tech lightweight construction made of carbon.

With heart and soul, enthusiasm and knowing how, we create something new or revive something old. We prefer to carpenter with local, sustainable Swiss wood.

For three generations, Weiss Schreinerei has been working sustainably and ecologically in the wood craft. We also tinker with new materials, creating innovative products from traditional wood and the high-tech material carbon.



As a door planner VST/VSSM, we offer competent advice in the planning area of doors for private individuals, building owners and architects.

A.+ S. Weiss Schreinerei AG
Grienbachstr. 29
CH – 6300 Zug

Tel: +41 41 761 20 52


Opening hours

Monday – Thursday
7 – 12 am / 1 – 5 pm

7 – 12 am / 1 – 4 pm

Shop: Woodcircle.ch